Airizh De Jesus

Makati City, Southern Manila District

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

I want to introduce myself. I'm Ayi. I'm a Deaf.

Here's little about me:

- I'm 30
- I'm live in Antipolo City, Rizal, Philippines.
- My complete family is hearing and I am the one who is Deaf.

I do my best in every task I make. I need someone who will help me understand and to me what the task that is assigned to me. I am a team person, and I cooperate for the welfare of the company.

I would like to work in the night shift. I would like to accept in any positions, like Deaf employers of Accenture.


My bachelor degree was Bachelor in Applied Deaf Studies (BAPDST) - Computer Graphic Art Track in 4 years.


I am looking forward to have a great opportunity and as long as I strongly have to support your company and the team. My best responsible is for you.

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