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engineering Freelancer

About me:

To work in a company where I can use my skills in the industry of Computer Science and Information Technology, specifically in the field of Software Engineering and Systems Development/Support.

  • Experienced IT Manager
  • Experienced Team Lead
  • Experienced Project Manager
  • Experienced Programmer


I graduated at AMA Computer University with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.


  • .NET
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Java
  • CISCO Networking


  • Fourteen (14) years of significant experience in the field of Information Technology
  • Substantial exposure on web-based and database driven applications
  • Performs application/system support
  • Proficient with producing quality, accurate, and timely work
  • Performs effectively both as a self-motivated individual and as an active, contributing team member
  • Noted as a consistent high-performer with the ability to handle diverse situations and performs well under stressful conditions.

What kind of projects is Dow Carpio looking for?

  • IT Manager (Software)
  • IT Project Manager (Software)
  • System Analyst
  • Team Leader
  • Senior Developer

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