Edward II Calingacion

Angono, Rizal

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About me:

I'm Edward Co Calingacion II; 40 Years of age; a legit Security Officer Trainer and Safety Officer. I am Multi-Tasking when it comes to work performance. I excel in preparing documents such as making Schedules, DDO's, Memorandums, PowerPoint Presentations, Reports, Payrolls and etc. I also have knowledge and experience in training  and orientation of Security Personnel. I am also a researcher with wide range of secretarial skills.


My Most Relevant education is being a a Certified Security Professional, Certified Security Trainer and a DOLE Accredited Safety Officer 2. Aside from that my training in Communication Research also improved my ways to enhance knowledge specially in Security and Safety Profession.


I worked in the Security Industry since 2010 and handled different positions from Security Guard-Officer-Trainer.  I also have experience in Micro-Financing Business as a Technical Officer before. I also worked as a Piano Keyboard Instructor and became a freelance businessman. 

What kind of projects is Edward II Calingacion looking for?

Projects Related to Security and Safety 

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