Lawrence Dela Pena L

Lawrence Dela Pena

Candaba, Pampanga

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About me:

Civil Estimator/ Project Quantity Surveyor/ Project Engineer/Subcontractor Liaison 

Software: Smart Bid/Autocad/Ms Office365/Candy Software


  • Period: Year 1992 -1997
  • Course: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering 
  • School Name: National University,
  • School Address:  Jhocson Street, Sampaloc, Manila
  • Academic Scholar -1992-1997

          Board Passer Year  Nov1997



Work as Subcontractor Estimator/Liaison (Work From Home) - Canada Base, Vancouver BC

13 years Quantity experience in Dubai as Project Quantity Surveyor

More than 8 Years experience as Project Engineer and area Manager in Philippines


Position: Subcontractor Liaison                                                                         

Company: New City Contracting Ltd., British Columbia, Canada

Company Address:  1109 Venables St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2E3 


  • Analyze and Identify Scope of works as per Bid documents 
  • Map the sub-con/Sub-trades distribution per division/scope of work
  • Make the comparative tabulations by presenting the Sub-Con/Sub-Trades per division per scope of work and the corresponding bid details per division/scope of work.
  • Tabulate data on the specified excel templates 
  • Populate the excel templates from the comparative analysis of available Sub Trades quotation price and details 
  • Review of subcontractor quotes received for the scope of works carried like inclusions and exclusions.
  • Review of subcontractor quotes received for compliance as per tender documents. 
  • Identify risks carrying subcontractors quote like schedule, trade experience, and current workload
  • Review list of Sub-Contractors/Sub-Trades assessed & evaluated by Appointment Setters 
  • Select Sub-Contractor/Sub-Trades to be contacted for the project with due considerations on topography/location with reference to the project site location 
  • Contact selected Sub-Contractors/Sub-Trades and request them to submit their bid for the project 
  • Search from NCC Database candidate Materials Suppliers for the project 
  • Select Suppliers with due considerations on topography/location for new suppliers 
  • Contact selected materials suppliers and request them to submit their materials quotation 
  • Establish regular/periodic communications with Materials Suppliers and Sub-contractors 
  • Follow up on requested quotations/project bid and answer questions raised about the projects 
  • E-mail and input in Smart Bid for submitted quotes and bid forms 
  • Download and compile received quotes and bid forms and Hand-over to Tender Analyst & Administrator 
  • Explore or sourcing new subs/suppliers to widen NCC trades contacts 

Provide feedback to subcontractors/suppliers of their submitted quote in a professional way that will eager them to submit quotes on future tenders 



Position: Project Quantity Surveyor                                             

Company: Meydan Sobha, Construction LLC. Dubai UAE

Joining Date: March 15, 2015, to April 20, 2019


Position: Project Quantity Surveyor                                               

Company: Saleh Construction LLC. Dubai UAE

Joining Date: March 07, 2006, to March 15, 2015



  • Ability to measure works on site and from drawings using the electronic measurement systems
  • Prepare all variation orders with complete documents and submission process
  • Preparing Take off Quantity for BOQ’s & BOM required per Projects
  • Preparation for Monthly Interim Payment Application 
  • Provide support to the SQS on all financial and contractual matters throughout the course of the work in the project
  • Liaise with the SQS to ensure prompt submittal and completeness of Contractors monthly payment applications and finalizing the payment certificates.
  • Assist the SQS in the preparation of financial statements for monthly report
  • Preparation of Final Account with all supporting documentation.
  • Check and record all measurements of completed work.
  • Assist the SQS in the review, negotiation, and preparation of claim settlements with the Contract’s Department of Client
  • Compliance with Quality Management System procedures of the company to fulfill quality objectives.
  • Evaluation of Subcontractors Payment Applications and issuing Payment certificates
  • Ensuring Client Claim for Variations in accordance with the contractual provision’s
  • Know how to Develop strong relationships with site teams, clients, consultants, and subcontractors
  • Pricing & Monitoring Subcontractor’s Variation orders
  • Maintaining Quantity for Subcontractors tracker and logs to prevent from duplication of certifications
  • Submitting Monthly reports for Payment Certification, Subcontractor’s liabilities, and labor agency etc.
  • Valuation for Subcontractors claim and issuing amendments for the additional works.


Position: Project Engineer /Site Engineer/Area Manager/Civil Estimator

Joined Companies:    Benharmon Construction / G.M. Ines Construction / Inspect Consolidated Construction/ D.R. Florita Construction / M.E. Sicat Construction

Joining Date:     January 1998 to March 2006



  • More than 8 years in Experience as Project Engineer in Philippines
  • Coordinate with Project Architects, designers, and Field personnel
  • Inspect All working activity to assure compliance with plans and specifications
  • Oversees all trade contractors and track project quality matrix are being followed accordingly
  • Responsible for the preparation of RFI and submission process
  • Strong Ability to solve problems and ensuring no delays for all activities
  • Ability to liaise with other professionals assigned in the project
  • Review the Construction Drawing for Possible change order and variation orders
  • Prepare Quantity take-off for On-going Project
  • Prepare timely and accurate quality Reports and raised issue direct to project manager/Construction Manager
  • Compliance with Quality of Work Procedures as required in the project activity
  • Monitor and Control Subcontractor’s work in progress
  • Monitor deadlines for Subcontractors and Project Time Frames 
  • Ensuring Client Claim for Variations in accordance with the contractual provision’s
  • Know how to Develop strong relationships with site teams, clients, consultants and subcontractors
  • Supervise and ensuring all respective activity are in line of work and as per schedule 
  • Prepare Material required in the Project Site
  • Liaise with Consultant or Inspector for each level of activity required for Inspection
  • Ensuring safety for all working activity in the project



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