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10 trabaho sa IQ-EQ sa Pilipinas

  • IQEQ

    Junior Credit Controller

    4 araw ang nakalipas

    IQEQ Philippines, Pilipinas

    Job Description · As a Junior Credit Controller of IQ-EQ Philippines, you will be responsible for the following day-to-day tasks: · Maintain accurate records / Daily updates of the ageing report (Debt ...

  • IQEQ


    6 araw ang nakalipas

    IQEQ Philippines, Pilipinas

    Job Description · You'll play a key role supporting our Client Services team, providing exceptional accounting administration services to your portfolio of clients. · We pride ourselves for being resi ...

  • IQEQ

    GPT Payment Officer

    2 araw ang nakalipas

    IQEQ Philippines, Pilipinas

    Job DescriptionKey Responsibilities: · Responsible for preparing work to agreed internal deadlines to the expected standard · Knowledge of all banking systems including a good understanding of differe ...

  • IQEQ

    Senior Depositary Officer

    9 oras ang nakalipas

    IQEQ Philippines, Pilipinas

    Job Description · To work within the Depositary team, assisting in carrying out asset verification, cash monitoring and compliance oversight for investment funds investing in private equity, real esta ...

  • IQEQ

    Assistant Manager

    4 araw ang nakalipas

    IQEQ Philippines, Pilipinas

    Job Description · Your team will be your key focus, developing their skills and knowledge and build strong customer relationships with existing and new clients gaining insight into their needs and del ...

  • IQEQ

    Senior Performance Analyst

    2 araw ang nakalipas

    IQEQ Philippines, Pilipinas

    Job Description · The creation of Investor Solutions stems from many years of servicing Multi-Asset, fund of fund clients. Clients have been requesting solutions that provide full transparency on thei ...

  • IQEQ

    GPT Payments Authoriser

    2 araw ang nakalipas

    IQEQ Philippines, Pilipinas

    Job Description · Responsibilities (how we will measure success) · Ensure all payment transactions within business-as-usual are authorised accurately, and within assigned payment deadlines. Maintainin ...

  • IQEQ

    Loan Analyst

    4 araw ang nakalipas

    IQEQ Philippines, Pilipinas

    Job Description · The successful candidate will be part of the dedicated Loan Services team in Manila supporting all aspect of loan administration and operations for a European client. Responsibilitie ...

  • IQEQ

    Performance and Analytics Manager

    1 araw ang nakalipas

    IQEQ Philippines, Pilipinas

    Job Description · Job Summary · The role is to manage a team of accountants and performance analysts in Manila to get the highest level of reporting services for Investor Solutions clients. · This per ...

  • IQEQ

    Senior Accountant

    1 linggo ang nakalipas

    IQEQ Philippines, Pilipinas

    Job Description · Tired of your daily grind and looking for more opportunities to grow in the accounting field? · Be part of a team of goal-driven individuals and build an environment of collaborative ...

IQ-EQ helps global investors focus on investing and preserving capital in a sustainable and compliant manner.

To do this we need brilliant people with equally brilliant personalities like you to help us achieve our mission.

Everyone promises huge opportunities with the chance to achieve great things. You can do exactly that with
IQ-EQ, as we take the time to understand you, helping you develop in a way that no-one else can.

About Us

Our approach to personal and professional development is different. Everything we do here from performance management to competency frameworks will give you practical, easy to apply skills that will have a real impact. We are big on continuous learning and have developed an experiential learning and development framework called Ascent. The programme has four pathways that are tailored in areas where you will benefit most.

Our Values 

We are authentic. We respect each other and act with integrity. We invest time and energy to have honest, genuine and meaningful conversations and we’d expect you to do the same.

We are bold. We commit to our promises and find innovative solutions. We take alternative approaches to make things happen and we want you to help us do this.

Collaboration is key. We appreciate everyone’s opinions and differences and value their contribution. We share knowledge and experiences so everyone has the opportunity to learn and grow.

If you want to be part of our story, we’d love to hear from you and get to know you better.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the best we can be for our clients but equally important for our people.

Our culture allows people to grow, express themselves and be authentic. We provide opportunities so you can build connections and develop your career in a way that is personalised to you.

We’ve grown quickly through a combination or mergers and acquisitions. If we’re honest, it brings challenges as you’d expect, but it also brings great opportunities to try new things.

That’s why we need people who are adaptable and thrive in an environment where change happens. We look for people who think differently and want to make a positive contribution to our business. We look for innovators who set the pace and challenge the status quo so we can make things bigger and better than before.


Are you looking to advance your career?

Companies often talk about career development, without coming up with an actual plan. As part of our commitment to you, we’ll help you develop, not only professionally, but also personally. Your skills and expertise are important to us, but so is your experience and emotional intelligence.

We believe continuous learning and development is an integral part of ensuring you perform well, every day. Our Ascent programmes are experiential but not easy. In fact, the framework was designed using our award-winning leadership competency model. It allows you to explore new ideas and ways of doing things in a safe and supportive environment.

Maybe it's time to change your career direction?

Whatever your professional background and in whichever direction you want to take your career, there could be an opportunity here for you. We’re not focused on the industry you have worked in but on the skills and experiences you’ll bring to us. If you’re looking for a new challenge, we can offer plenty of those.

You will benefit from a personalised training programme and together we’ll focus on building your existing skills. This can include professional accreditation, management development, soft skills, coaching and technical training. We also offer opportunities across our different service lines and globe.

Or maybe you are starting on your career path?

We know it’s who you are that makes the difference. We don’t expect you to know everything on day one, but what we do look for is a desire to learn.

You’ll have a team around you who have been through exactly the same journey as you. They’ll help you to find your way and make sure you get all the training, support, opportunities and experiences you need from the day you join us.

We take your career seriously. Once you’ve settled in, we want you to drive your own development and take advantage of all the opportunities available to you. With our support of course.

We are not a fan of PowerPoints; we prefer learning through doing. We want you to be curious, ask questions and take advantage of our Ascent framework. We want you to be challenged to develop your skills every day. We also want you to have fun along the way. That’s how you’ll perform at your best.

Our Culture

We understand that diversity and inclusion at work is about recognising and appreciating that every individual is different.

We're passionate about creating a working environment where everyone feels safe, supported, included and valued.

It's more than just words for us. Our success lies in the quality and diversity of our people. We continually work to keep our promise to create a diverse and inclusive culture. Because it isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also a smart thing to do.

Our Global Reach

Our size and scale provides our people with opportunities to work internationally, whether short or long term. The global nature of our business and how closely we are connected; means we are able to talk regularly with colleagues and clients from all over the world.

Here are our locations 

Our people's story during Covid-19

Chris, Jose and James are due to return home to Manila after their six month secondments working with our Client Services team in Belfast.

Travelling to Belfast during the winter months had its challenges, as they experienced winter for the first time!

Just before lockdown they managed to travel to some of Northern Ireland’s tourist spots like the Giant’s Causeway, the dark hedges (Game of Thrones) and Carrickfergus Castle to see the rich scenery and history.

They also enjoyed the local culture through food, drink and music. There was one cuisine that was similar, apparently Irish stew is very like their home-cooked kalderata.

This secondment really helped them to understand the working dynamics of the front office and take those experiences back with them and share with their colleagues in Manila. James said, "Being able to work with other nationalities is a great experience for me as I get to practice my communication skills and to work directly with clients."

Their advice for anyone considering an overseas placement would be to always make sure time is not wasted. Six months initially seemed like a long time but time really flew by quickly. Chris commented, “I will take home with me all the kindness and memories I had with all the people I worked with. Thank you so much for everything and for giving me this opportunity.”

Jose shared, “Belfast is a place of many firsts in my life. A place of great learning and experience. I came here as an accountant, but I will be leaving as a storyteller of how much of a great time I have had while I was here."


Diversity and Inclusion

We appreciate and respect our differences. We know that the future success of the business world, and not just our business, relies on people with different perspectives, experiences, knowledge and skills. We value everyone, and all the unique attributes they bring.

It’s why we’re dedicated to creating a working environment that’s inclusive, where everyone feels safe, supported and free to be themselves. We listen to your views. We respect who you are. We value diversity.

At IQ-EQ we are all agents of change and committed to transforming our futures together. Internationals Women's Day is a time to celebrate but also a time to reflect. We are committed to making a difference.

Our Communities

Our people love to get involved and support local charities. We are proud of our people and they are the driving force behind our CSR initiatives. They are actively involved in their local communities and passionate about championing causes close to their hearts. 

We believe in diversity and inclusion. People matter. Together we are committed to making positive changes. Our people have a real connection with the charities they support and help in a number of ways, whether it is fundraising, giving their time or drawing on our own people’s expertise to make a difference. Together we have a common goal and that is to make a positive impact on our communities.