Biomed Engineer - San Pedro, Pilipinas - Dempsey

    Dempsey San Pedro, Pilipinas

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    • Knowledge, Skills and Capability

    1.1. Biomedical Engineer or ECE or Electro Mechanical

    1.2. Knowledgeable in Hemodialysis machines

    1.3. Must possess good verbal and written communication skills

    1.4. Must be organized and disciplined
    • Job Summary

    2.1. The Biomedical Engineer is responsible for providing strategic leadership for the

    company by working with the warehouse and technicians.

    2.2. This Job Summary is not an exclusive summary of the scope of the employee's

    • Duties and Responsibilities

    3.1. Manage Technicians of Bioregen Euro, Med Technik: Plan, develop, organize,

    implement, direct and evaluate the organization's fiscal function and performance.

    3.2. Prepare the weekly schedule of Technicians.

    3.3. Monitor the technician's daily activity and prepare weekly summary of all

    Technician's output with analysis whether their man hours are maximized.

    3.4. Set weekly meeting with technicians and ensure that the General Manager is

    informed by furnishing a weekly minute of meeting to be discussed also with the

    GM after the weekly meeting to thresh out all issues.

    3.5. Study and familiarize with the operations of but not limited to: 2008K and 4008A

    /4008S Series of Fresenius Machines for Bioregen Euro operations and All

    Equipment that will be used by Pro Euro, a sister company of Bioregen Euro.

    3.6. Sales / Marketing of services of Med Technik.

    3.7. Plan and propose to Management for approval any appropriate technical training

    and development for Technicians.

    3.8. Handle and facilitate approval of Job Orders prior to service execution by the


    3.9. Will check all machines and all its accessories for delivery prior to release from

    the warehouse

    3.10. Will ensure timely preparation of all machines and its accessories for delivery.

    3.11. Will develop and prepare needed SOPs and Forms related to the Job of