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    Cyberbacker Manila, Pilipinas

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    Default job background

    Someone who is artistic and can create a graphic to illustrate a point. Can create a very creative and captivating image to illustrate a point or a quote.

    Will work and collaborate with different departments for announcements and events.
    Produce and publish image posts using different graphic design tools (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher, Canva, or any equivalent).
    Create at least 10 infographics for each department.
    Must be keen to details and efficiently use every space for every output.

    Knowledgeable with the mentioned graphic design software
    Portfolio of previous, latest, and best work.
    Reliable, Committed, and flexible with the assigned work schedule.
    Must have at least I5 processor, 8gb ram, 500gb internal storage.
    Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

    General Requirements

    Good command of the English language
    Must be 18 years of age and above
    A headset with a noise-canceling feature and a high-definition webcam
    Device Specification

    Intel core i3 (6th to 12th gen), i5, i7 or AMD equivalent is highly required
    Windows or Mac is acceptable
    At least 8GB of RAM with 60 GB of free hard disk space available
    Network Requirements

    10 Mbps DSL/Fiber Internet connection (USB sticks, signal-based & wireless connections are not allowed)