Senior Specialist - Taguig, Pilipinas - ING

    ING Taguig, Pilipinas

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    As part of the FM Asia Circle, you will be responsible for the correct, complete and timely processing and administration of a wide range of FM Products offered by ING Financial Markets Asia (FXMM, Derivatives, Securities).

    Working in FM Asia means that you'll need to intensively use your experience in financial markets to process activities that are related to trade capture, validation, confirmations, settlements and reconciliations. These are performed in order to minimize the operational risk of post-trade failure, therefore reducing the financial and non-financial risk ING is exposed to. Inaccurate & incomplete confirmation handling, as well as untimely settlement instructions, will lead to potential claims, fines & investigations from our counterparts, clients and regulatory bodies.

    If you are good at:

  • Monitoring and processing trade life cycle transactions
  • Matching of Trade Confirmations
  • Investigating unmatched confirmations and monitoring stuck trades
  • Affirming and confirming trade details with clients
  • Raising and resolving trade and settlement discrepancies
  • Reconciling trade details within and inter systems