Safety Officer - Quezon City, Pilipinas - Green Innovations, Inc.

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    Safety Officer Responsibilities:
    Compile safety programs.
    Practice safe working techniques.
    Implement and maintain health and safety standards.
    Establish a cordial and professional relationship with employees.
    Maintain compliance with all safety regulations.
    Conduct regular staff meetings to share best practice techniques.
    Standardize health and safety in order to remain consistent.
    Identify hazardous waste and disposing of it correctly.
    Promote safety initiatives.
    Compile and maintain relevant registers to ensure compliance.
    Document staff information, minutes of meetings, and reports compiled for management.
    Regularly inspect equipment.

    Safety Officer Requirements:
    A bachelor's degree or an associate degree.
    Valid competency certificates.
    COSH - Construction Occupational Safety and Health Training
    Strong communication skills