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    Purchase domains and hosting on behalf of clients.
    Operate filesystems and databases using CPanel, SSH, and WHM.
    Develop custom websites without relying on website builders.
    Integrate features such as Google Analytics, SEO Tools, and Cloudflare.
    Develop WordPress-based websites from initial drafting to ongoing maintenance.
    Create custom PHP scripts and plugins for WordPress sites.
    Regularly update sites, including blog posts, security checks, and backups.
    Utilize GSuite tools and software for developing reports, presentations, and documents.

    Must have experience in Laravel and developing web apps.
    Knowledgeable in Full Stack Development.
    Knowledge of PHP and WordPress web frameworks.
    Knowledge of WordPress hooks, actions, and filters.
    Must have a basic understanding of front-end technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3.
    Must be familiar with server-side management, tools, and workarounds.
    Has experience in using CPANEL Servers and other similar web hosting servers.
    Must be familiar with (OSSD) or open-source software development.
    Must be updated and knowledgeable in any current webmaster tools.

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    Cyberbacker Quezon city, Pilipinas

    Responsibilities: · Build responsive and visually appealing web applications, ensuring optimal performance across various devices and browsers. · Develop custom websites without relying on website builders. · Identify and resolve issues in the web applications, ensuring they are ...