General Santos

    Pump Operator - San Pedro, Pilipinas - P.A. Alvarez Properties and Development Corporation

    Default job background


    • College Graduate or Equivalent
    • Electrical or Mechanical
    -1 to 2 years work related experience

    • Basic knowledge in electromechanical motor control
    • Driving (4Wheel and 2Wheel)


    Pump Operator who works for a water utility company responsible for managing and distributing water resources within a specific geographic territory.

    Its crucial role in maintaining the integrity of a community's water supply infrastructure and ensuring that residents and businesses have access to reliable water passing the PNSDW.

    This job requires basic knowledge in water distribution systems, plumbing, and water quality management and responsible for providing excellent support and assistance to customers, addressing their inquiries, resolving issues, and ensuring a positive overall experience.

    This role requires basic communication skills, empathy and problem-solving abilities.


    • Monitors day to day operation in the work field including resolution of daily water service related complaints and sanitation of all water tanks and pump house/s.
    • Monitors incoming & outgoing materials thru the accomplishment of monthly inventory report.
    • Responsible for identifying, maintaining and repairing the waterline system used to prevent water loss and ensure the efficient delivery of water and to distribute clean and potable water to residential and commercial establishments.
    • Ensuring the quality based on PNSDW and safety of the water supply by monitoring water treatment processes and conducting tests to detect contaminants or irregularities in the water.
    • Checks submitted and accomplished water installation "Job Orders" issued to field office.
    • Prepares monthly record / report of water productions of all water pumping stations.
    • Monitors/ Prepares daily logging / report of NRW occurrences and Contractor's Daily Activities and Accomplishments.
    • Performs other duties and responsibilities that will be assigned by the General Manager/ Engineering Department Manager.
    • Interacting with customers to address their water related concerns, such as low water pressure, water quality issues and distribution of notices.
    • Must meet monthly and annual internal targets