Heather Frances Carancho

Las Piñas, Southern Manila District

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

A mother of 2, an accomplished leader, a problem solver and a team player. Mustered enough courage to seek a job in a different industry which I believe I will genuinely love and feel fulfilled in doing.


I studied in OB Montessori from nursery to grade 7. I had the opportunity to study in Beckly Junior High for 8th grade (West Virginia). I wentvto Miriam College High School from Second year to 4th year. I was not able to go to college due to personal reasons and started working in 2006.


15 years of work experience in the BPO industry (2 employers). Started as a Process Associate and now a Sr. Manager for Operations. I have worked in Healthcare and Banking portfolios, handling customer service, billing, accounts receivable and collections. I have handled a team of consisting of 130 team members and have worked with a diversed group. I communicate and strategize with other leaders and team members from different regions. A team player, problem solver and a learner. 

What kind of projects is Heather Frances Carancho looking for?

A job at IKEA and BPO consultancy. 

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