Wilmar Logatoc

Pasig City, Eastern Manila District

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About me:

Im wilmar logatoc 31 years old from Philippines, Married and i have two kids a boy and a girl, currently im working as a shipping clerk in Commonwealth foods inc. A chocolate factory here in the Philippines. Before they promoted me as a shipping clerk way back 2013, i started working there as a production worker, chocolate packer. And on 2017 they trained me to become a shipping clerk. 


Im a high school graduate with diploma. 


Grocery bagger at Hypermarket - November 2012 to January 2013 

My job there was putting the costumers purchase to a bag or box, then helping them by moving shopping carts to parking. Cleaning the counters and collecting shopping carts on the parking area then returning it back to store. 

Food packer - Commonwealth foods inc.  September 2013 to November 2017

We assemble packing boxes and place the chocolate bags in to the box and tape it manually. cleaning the area and putting away hazardous material for safety. Putting finished product to pallets and move it to shipping department using pallet jacks. 


Shipping clerk - Commonwealth foods inc  November 2017 to present 

Im receiving returned items from costumers and dealers. Checking them and creating returned slip and delivery orders. Helping to inventory industrial stocks such as cocoa butter, and cocoa powders. Checking invoice and prepare it before delivery. Creating and encoding stock cards using Microsoft excel. 


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